You have bewitched me body and soul

There are many words to describe this wedding day - family, warm, serene, emotional, & elegant - but I'd say a great emphasis is placed on "emotional" as Charles just could not contain the tears not just when Jackie glided down the aisle with her dad but also throughout the rest of the evening. He would just be visiting with his bride and so sweetly admiring her, and then suddenly overcome by tears of pure joy! During their portraits after the ceremony, the photographer and I kept joking with them saying "Charles try to hold it together!" He ADORES his bride and she is completely head over heels for her groom. Also at one point during portraits, they quoted Pride & Prejudice in sync, "You have bewitched me body and soul. I love, I love, I love you." I cannot handle these two. They are so beautiful. I'm so happy to share just a snippet of their amazing wedding which took place on a stunning private property in Blanco, Texas.