Kev & Cat

Kev and Cat have a love story that melts my heart repeatedly. In 7th grade, Kev remembered seeing a photo of Cat in a classmate's binder cover and immediately knew he had to meet that girl in the photo. They started dating their sophomore year of high school, went on a date to Chili's, neither of them could drive yet. They continued their relationship long distance through their college years, Cat was a soccer player and Kev was at the Naval Academy. Although I hadn't known Kev or Cat very long before filming their day, it was so evident that they are the kind of people who make you feel loved and cherished like a forever long friend. And goodness they are crazy in love! It was so precious to see how much they laugh together and compliment each other. What a joy it is for me to have documented the day Kev and Cat became man and wife. 

Naturally Niaya

I do videography much more than photography and so senior portraits always feel a little new to me, but photographing Niaya felt like a dream / hanging out with an old friend / a laughing session / a big encouragement. She is a rare one in that she could wear the simplest of t-shirts and make it look seriously so cool. Niaya, you're awesome!

historic Panna Maria Wedding

The first time I saw Matt and Elizabeth together, I immediately saw how Matt admired her and I thought, "He totally adores her to the moon!" and "She is completely head over heels!" 

The town where they were married is completely in the middle of nowhere Texas, but has rich history of her Polish heritage. Both of her mom & dad's side of the family left Poland in 1854 and settled under this oak tree. The church where they were married was built next to the oak tree. It was a dream to say the least!

Also, it's so sweet to me to think back to my 8th grade year when I was the new kid, Elizabeth was one to really reach out and love me and be my friend!