Kev & Cat

Kev and Cat have a love story that melts my heart repeatedly. In 7th grade, Kev remembered seeing a photo of Cat in a classmate's binder cover and immediately knew he had to meet that girl in the photo. They started dating their sophomore year of high school, went on a date to Chili's, neither of them could drive yet. They continued their relationship long distance through their college years, Cat was a soccer player and Kev was at the Naval Academy. Although I hadn't known Kev or Cat very long before filming their day, it was so evident that they are the kind of people who make you feel loved and cherished like a forever long friend. And goodness they are crazy in love! It was so precious to see how much they laugh together and compliment each other. What a joy it is for me to have documented the day Kev and Cat became man and wife.